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A research and measurement consultancy.

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About The Locust Group

A  research and measurement consultancy.

We stand as a leading provider of tailored success metric analytics, dedicated to elevating both student and organizational achievements. Our core mission is to amplify your impact by harnessing the potency of data-driven insights and strategic acumen within the dynamic landscape of modern education and markets.

Our adept team specializes in curating success metrics for student and organizational success, delving into precise data collection, analysis, and interpretation. We unveil invaluable trends and illuminate behaviors critical to fostering prosperity. Committed to utmost precision, confidentiality, and delivering actionable guidance, we empower your institution with a distinctive competitive edge.


Discover the depth of our services as we guide you on a journey towards informed decision-making that molds not just success but lasting triumph for your organization. Join us in navigating the data landscape, where we uncover strategic advantages, creating and identifying success metrics that propel growth and success in your targeted areas.

Strategic Impact Analysis


Predictive Analytics 


Focus Groups


Organizational Climate Survey



Report Insights


Our Services

TLG specializes in the following areas:

Web Designers

Focus Groups

We provide valuable insights through our expertly moderated focus groups, guiding strategic decisions with rich qualitative data and actionable recommendations.

College Friends

Strategic Impact Analysis & Measurement

We systematically analyze and measure specific indicators to assess the effectiveness and impact of strategies, initiatives, or programs, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement. 

Engineering Class

Aggregate Report Insights

Navigate the complexity of numerous  reports  where we aggregate, analyze, and distill data to provide a cohesive understanding of collective insights.

Support Group

Climate Survey

We customize assessment that gauges the perceptions, experiences, and attitudes of individuals within an organization, providing  insights into the  environment,and well-being on campus.

Work Colleagues

Predictive Analytics

Develop predictive models to identify students/customers/employees at risk of attrition, enabling proactive intervention strategies.


Our Team

Meet Our Professionals


Jonathan Locust, Jr., Ph.D., CSSBB

Founder and President

Dr. Locust is a consultant and strategist in the areas of DEI, research design, and statistical/process analysis. He is a certified six sigma black belt (CSSBB) and has a thorough understanding of all aspects of the DMAIC model to improve process efficiency. Having graduate degrees concentrated on the areas of education and research, Dr. Locust is deeply engaged in independent and organizational study, most of which is done through his company, The Locust Group. Most of his research is proprietary, and focuses on predictive modeling of consumer behavior outcomes through a lens of equity (ie. jury cases, UX research, demographic preferences, etc.).

Dr. Locust has spent the majority of his career working in higher education, with over 12+ years as a Chief Diversity Officer. He also has a history of teaching as an Adjunct Professor in a College of Liberal Arts and within a College of Education. Prior to his time in higher education, Dr. Locust worked at other educational institutions and spent some time in various sales roles at KeyBank, PNC Bank, and Western & Southern Life Insurance.

Dr. Locust has co-authored and published multiple articles in academic journals and received over 2 million dollars in grants. He  was inducted into Euclid High School's Distinguished Achievement Hall of Fame, his alma mater. He was recognized by the University of Cincinnati as one of their 50 “Communication Alumni Champions”, awarding and honoring those who have excelled in their profession and made a huge difference in their communities. He was also the recipient of the “National Role Model” award from Minority Access, a nonprofit organization with the mission of assisting institutions to recruit and retain underserved and underrepresented populations.


Oscar McKnight, PhD., LPCC-S

Chief Strategy & Research Officer

As a graduate of both the University of Akron and Youngstown State University, Dr. McKnight is committed to life-long learning and research and brings over 25 years of experience. In his doctorate program, Dr. McKnight’s concentration area was statistics and analysis. He also has a graduate degree specifically in Research and Evaluation. As such, Dr. McKnight is engaged deeply in independent study. Most of his research is proprietary and ranges from non-profit analysis to corporate forecasting.

Dr. McKnight, as a mental health professional, brings over 35 years of experience as both a practitioner and administrator. As an independent research consultant, he has a history of directing program evaluations, service delivery assessments, and economic development and community service audits. Also, Dr. McKnight has coordinated and completed many marketing studies and introduced strategic plans for several public campaigns promoting mental health levies.


Dr. McKnight also has a history of teaching as an Adjunct Associate Professor in a College of Arts and Sciences and within a College of Business and Economics. His business focus is Consumer Behavior, Predictive Modeling, and Test and Measurement.

Dr. McKnight is successful in business; he founded and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Scientific Legal Services, LLC. He also has a history of developing specialty decision-support, artificial intelligence programs within the legal field, and apps for mental health.


Jasmine Locust

Organizational Performance Consultant

Jasmine is a seasoned professional with over a decade of invaluable experience in the field of talent acquisition and human resources. With expertise spanning multiple industries, including finance, health, communications, technology, and engineering, Jasmine has established a remarkable reputation for delivering exceptional results and building strong partnerships.

Jasmine’s expertise in employee relations, performance management, and policy development has enabled her to provide comprehensive HR support to organizations across different industries. She assumes a strategic role, collaborating closely with senior leadership to develop and execute talent acquisition and retention strategies. Their ability to understand organizational needs, anticipate future talent requirements, and align recruitment initiatives with business goals has been instrumental in driving organizational growth.

Jasmine holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications and regularly engages in professional development activities to stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices in talent acquisition and HR. With their wealth of experience and proven track record, Jasmine continues to be a highly sought-after professional in the field, driving success and shaping the future of talent acquisition and human resources.

Lenroy Jones, M.A.

Senior Consultant

Lenroy Jones is a seasoned expert in inclusive leadership with extensive experience and education in building and retaining diverse teams that reflect their organizations and communities. He is an unwavering friend and advocate for diversity, demonstrating a lifelong commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. With a Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal and Public Communication from Central Michigan University and a Master of Arts in College and University Administration from Michigan State University, Lenroy combines academic knowledge with a military foundation as a United States Army Commission recipient.

As an experienced educator and consultant, Lenroy has taught various courses on leadership, career development, and employability skills. He has served as Adjunct Faculty in institutions such as Michigan State University, the University of North Florida, and the Healing Arts Academy. Lenroy has also provided consultation on course creation for managing workplace diversity and occupational life calling.

With over three decades of experience in diverse sectors, including higher education, military, and non-profit, Lenroy offers a unique perspective on inclusivity. He has a proven track record of successfully recruiting, developing, and leading diverse high-performing teams, attracting top-tier talent, and driving positive outcomes. Lenroy's expertise lies in recruiting a diverse workforce, executive coaching, professional development, navigating complex cultural landscapes, and fostering meaningful organizational progress. He is known for his high-energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and problem-solving skills. With over 25 years of experience in various institutions, Lenroy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a seasoned consultant, facilitator, presenter, and speaker.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Lenroy's commitment to service and leadership began at an early age. He currently resides in Decatur, Georgia, where he continues to inspire individuals to achieve their full potential and organizations to reach their goals. Lenroy enjoys fishing, hiking, and appreciating sunsets in his free time.

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