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Inclusion as a Service

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Our IaaS model is a solution designed for the support, development, and execution of customizable DEI smart goals in organizations. This approach allows companies to access powerful DEI resources without the need for  extensive training. We have a dedicated team of individuals that partners with organizational leaderships to identify areas where DEI initiatives are needed. We develop and implement strategies while tracking the progress over time.

There are a wide range of benefits to utilizing our IaaS model, such as:

  1. Programming and Speaker Series – We can program around need based themes (race, pay equity, LGBTQ+ support, etc.) and/or cultural heritage months and celebrations (Indigenous Peoples Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, etc.).

  2. Open DEI Conversations – These conversations can be designed around scheduled programs and speakers, or employee workplace experiences.

  3. Cohort Based DEI Conversations – This process is encouraged when groups want to build trust while diving into deeper subject matter. These groups meet more consistently over a specified time frame.

  4. Creation of ERG’s (Employee Resource Groups) – We assist in the formation of ERG’s. This has been a great way to help employees feel connected and build community.

  5. Policy/Practice Review – During this exercise we seek to identify policies and procedures that prohibits and supports DEI progress.

This entire model rests upon partnership. As such, we work closely with leadership, and/or an existing DEI council to understand the organizational needs and culture. We synthesize and prioritize this information to tailor solutions based on the needs of the organization. This allows for a more targeted and data-driven approach producing more effective outcomes. Our customers’ needs tend to revolve around the following; customized training programs, hiring practices that prioritized inclusion, employee feedback mechanisms, and the ongoing monitoring and analysis of workplace dynamics to identify areas for opportunity.

Our IaaS model serves as a way to help improve employee engagement and retention. We partner with internal stakeholders to better understand organizational metrics for engagement and retention. For the purposes of alignment, these organizational metrics are incorporated prior to smart goal implementation.


Research shows that employees are more likely to feel valued and supported in an environment that prioritizes DEI, generating higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction. It is often we are asked to focus on the attraction and retention of diverse talent, which has been shown to produce a more innovative and productive workforce.

We also see our service as a way to help organizations mitigate legal and financial risks related to DEI. Discrimination and bias in the workplace cannot only cause a depleting work culture, but legal action. Our DEI initiatives are comprehensive, and are created to impact organizations on varying levels allowing for employees to feel the more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Simply put, our ultimate goal is to assist organizations in creating a more positive social and environmental impact. By prioritizing DEI, organizations contribute to creating a more just and equitable society, which has positive effect on the broader community. Win this happens, everyone wins.


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