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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do we start?
    This is a common question. We start by gathering data so we know what strategies to implement. This is done by utilizing both qualitative and quantitate research methods (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.). After this phase, we explore options that are in alignment to your short and long-term DEI goals.
  • How can I begin implementing DEI in my organization?
    A great first step is hiring employees with diverse backgrounds. This will enhance the strength of the team by having people who approach solving problems differently.
  • Can you address board diversity?
    Yes, we can. We focus on the best ways to incorporate diversity to the board while avoiding tokenism. We believe boards and organizations should be reflective of the communities they serve.
  • Can you measure diversity?
    Yes, there are a number of metrics that can be used to measure diversity, such as; retention, hiring, satisfaction, etc. It is important to utilize a holistic approach that runs parallel to your overall DEI strategic plan.
  • How do we keep sustain the work?
    To be honest, DEI sustainability is not easy. Creating a 1-2 year DEI strategic plan, with measurable goals is of utmost importance. You can also include actions to introduce incoming employees to a culture were employees feel a sense of belonging.
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